3 Reasons Why Air Conditioning Duct Maintenance Matters

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Published on 2015-10-20

Running any business or commercial operation is a complex undertaking.

There’s management of staff, facilities, orders, inventory. As well as the duty of ensuring that the needs of customers and patrons are always met.

Often running a business can feel like a combination of a thousand and one tasks!

Because of this, occasionally, small but important jobs can be missed for too long. Maintenance of a property’s air conditioning ducts, may regularly be the last thing on any business-owner’s mind. Yet the regular and professional cleaning of air conditioning ducts is vital in the effective and safe operation of every commercial business.

3 Reasons Why Air Conditioning Duct Maintenance Matters

1. Air quality

You may not be able to see it, but over time dirt, grime and waste all starts to build up in your air conditioning ducts.

The quality of the air inside of your business can seriously be affected by this dust and lint. As well as by the presence of other nasties like rodent droppings, insect carcasses, and mold.

If your ducting is unmaintained, these build-ups, along with others similar to them can significantly lower the quality of the air circulating within your business. Thereby increasing the instances of allergens, which can trigger asthma attacks and other breathing problems.


2. Fire risk

Another very real risk with unmaintained air conditioning ducts is fire.

Fuel is a key element in commercial fires. And the lint and dust that accumulates in dirty ducts is ideal fuel for fires. Left un-cleaned for long enough this build-up can become incredibly dangerous.

All it takes is a stray spark from a kitchen cook-top, fire place, or other open flame to ignite. Once the fuel is lit, it can race through your ducts, quickly causing extensive damage and putting your staff and patrons at risk.


3. Lower performance, higher cost

Build-ups of dust and grime stop your ventilation and air conditioning systems from operating at peak efficiency.

Accumulation of lint on fans and in AC systems can force these units to work harder to push through the grime. This raises your energy costs, and if left untended to, can cause damage which requires expensive repairs.

A regular duct cleaning schedule will keep your systems performing their best, and can save you a lot in the long run.

In most cases duct cleaning can be performed promptly, and with a minimum of disruption to your business’ operation.


Professional exhaust system and duct cleaning companies, like Lotus Commercial, specialise in the cleaning-out and maintenance of ducts. They carry out all work to meet Australian OH&S standards and will supply you with a written report in case of inspections or insurance claims.

So don’t put your business, staff and customers at risk any longer. Arrange the maintenance and regular cleaning of your air conditioning duct system today.

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