When it comes to your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system, it is easy to forget about it getting dirty. That you do not see something does not mean that it doesn’t exist. In fact, the lack of care can even become dangerous. This is why regular cleaning and maintenance of this part of your commercial kitchen is a legal requirement.

Fortunately, our experienced team is skilled at cleaning exhaust systems, where accessible, from top to bottom, including the nooks and crannies you may not even be aware of.

Our professional staff is well versed in the Australian standards surrounding the cleaning of commercial kitchens and will carry out all cleaning and maintenance thoroughly. We honour our commitment to you and value your time performing our duties within the advertised time.

Exhaust systems left alone and not maintained affect your kitchen’s operating environment, increasing health and safety risks. They can lead to air pollution, devastating kitchen fires and rejected insurance claims.

Do not let your kitchen become a risky business! Keep reading to find out more about Lotus Commercial’s professional kitchen exhaust system cleaning services.

Comprehensive Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Lotus Commercial is proud to offer comprehensive and standards-compliant exhaust system cleaning services. We do it all, so you can breathe easy, knowing that your business’s kitchen is safe and performing at its best.

Our service includes:

  • A scrape clean of your system from top to bottom (where accessible)
  • Cleaning of fans, ducts and other appurtenances (where accessible)
  • Filter maintenance and exchange

Do you think cleaning the kitchen exhaust system is not a big deal? Have a look at how complicated it is below:

Kitchen Exhaust System

As you can see it can be an intricate matter, better handled by specialists. Another difference between doing the cleaning yourself and our services is that you have proof of the job being done.

Upon completion of cleaning, you will be provided with a full written report, which details the service provided. This document can be filed and presented in case of inspections or insurance claims.

kitchen exhaust system duct before and after cleaning

The difference between a grease-clogged duct and one that has been cleaned by Lotus Commercial

The Importance of Cleaning Exhaust Fans

When having your duct and exhaust systems professionally cleaned, it is important to ensure that your chosen cleaning company pays particular attention to your exhaust fans.

Why is it important to do the cleaning? Unmaintained exhaust fans can quickly become clogged with grease and fat build-ups. Left for long enough, these build-ups can cause fans to overheat. Should fans become damaged, expensive repairs, or even a complete replacement may be required.

Below you can find a suggested schedule of maintenance to avoid all the above issues:

Kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance - minimum schedule

Kitchen exhaust maintenance - minimum schedule

To sum up, exhaust cleaning is one of the services required for health and safety compliance. Thick, fatty grease builds up over time, seriously impacting the performance and safety of your kitchen’s exhaust system.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact Lotus Commercial today for our kitchen exhaust cleaning services available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide and Townsville.