Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

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    Breathe Easy with Lotus Commercial

    Unhygienic kitchen exhaust and air conditioning systems can have a big impact on the air quality of hotels and casinos. Not to mention, if combustion occurs, your hotel or casino will face hazardous fires.

    At Lotus Commercial, we understand that maintaining clean kitchen exhaust, canopy and air conditioning system standards in hotels and casinos can be quite challenging.

    This is why we have created an effective and efficient cleaning regime that will remove undesirable smoke and odours inside your hotel or casino, as well as all health and safety risks associated with unhygienic hotel and casino exhaust and AC systems.

    Be it an accumulation of mould, bacteria or grease in the hood or exhaust fan, as an HACCP certified partner in health and safety, we use high-quality and OHS-compliant chemicals to provide an effective deep cleaning that will bring your kitchen exhaust and AC back to its bare pristine surface and maximum performance.

    We service all casinos and hotels across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Townsville, Adelaide and Cairns.


    What we do:

    Kitchen filter exchange

    Canopy rangehood cleaning 

    Kitchen exhaust system cleaning

    Kitchen duct and exhaust fan cleaning


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