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Commercial kitchen cleaning services Townsville


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    Leading Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company in Townsville

    Lotus Commercial acquired Exhaust Extraction Services incorporating Filter Services in January 2020.
    Townsville Filter Service was founded in 1984 on the basis of bidding for the cleaning needs of kitchen exhaust filters of local cafes and restaurants throughout far North Queensland.

    Now, we at Lotus Commercial continue to offer high standard commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services in Townsville and in the far North Queensland region.

    We are HACCP accredited.

    With our extensive experience working within aged care facilities, hospitals, hotels, schools, supermarkets, shopping centres, corporate business and mining industry as well, we’re able to service all industries in Townsville with premium kitchen filter exchange, canopy rangehood and exhaust system cleaning, air conditioning filter maintenance and a range of other specialist services.

    At Lotus Commercial, we have a vision to provide better and unparalleled service through up-skilling people, making aggressive strides in accreditation, and instituting a more customer-centric approach.

    We therefore always ensure your kitchen exhaust and air conditioning system continues to operate at its optimum, by helping to keep your exhaust canopy rangehoods, ducts, filters and fans in the most hygienic condition

    We also provide kitchen filters customised to your required size and dimensions.

    Lotus Commercial can develop a tailored service program to help you achieve your commercial kitchen exhaust system goals. Get in touch with our professionals for a free quote on our commercial kitchen exhaust and air conditioning services in Townsville today.


    Our Services in Townsville

    Kitchen Filter Sales

    Get the best kitchen filter in Townsville for maximizing the efficiency, safety, and comfort of your kitchen! We stock a wide range of commercial kitchen filters, including Honeycomb Kitchen Filters and Baffle Kitchen Filters.

    Kitchen Filter Exchange and Cleaning

    Get your kitchen’s air quality and efficiency back on track with our kitchen filter exchange and cleaning services in Townsville. We effectively replace, clean and maintain your commercial rangehood filters to ensure optimum performance of your system and safe business operation. Enhance the performance of your kitchen with our reliable services today!

    Kitchen Canopy Cleaning

    Make your kitchen clean and safe with our professional kitchen canopy cleaning services in Townsville! We provide your kitchen canopy with a deep cleaning both inside and out to remove all unwanted and unseen grime, such as grease, fat and oil build-ups. Keep your kitchen clean and sanitary with our reliable services. Your kitchen’s health and safety are our top concerns!

    Air Conditioning Filter Sales

    We are dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness of the air in your commercial kitchen in Townsville. We provide high-quality maintenance of your air conditioning filter to prolong its service life, and ensure that it functions properly and is free from harmful contaminants.

    Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

    Air duct cleaning services in Townsville involve cleaning the ducts that circulate warm and cool air in your kitchen. in an aim to maintain an air conditioning duct free from grime, dirt, dust and insect carcasses, we maintain a regular deep cleaning of your exhaust fans and other components associated with your air conditioning duct.

    Get a Free, Personalised Quote from our Specialists in Townsville

    We will go where you are.

    Primarily, we operate from Far North Queensland. But we are not afraid of travel. In fact, we’ll go anywhere in Queensland and the Northern Territory of Townsville.

    With fully equipped mobile service vehicles, our team of highly trained commercial kitchen exhaust professionals in Townsville operate 24/7 and are always available to work around your operations.

    We constantly undertake to ensure full compliance with your health regulations and insurance requirements in maintaining high standards of hygiene and a minimal fire risk throughout your exhaust extraction system.

    Lotus Commercial looks forward to working with you in the future, keeping you satisfied with your kitchen temperatures and maintaining a healthy environment.

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