Lotus Commercial is Australia’s Leading Commercial Kitchen Exhaust and Specialist Cleaning Company with more than 30 years’ experience servicing the hospitality industry and corporate business.

We provide premium services of kitchen filter exchange, canopy rangehood and exhaust system cleaning and air conditioning filter maintenance, all of which are readily available for your business on a national level.

By partnering with Lotus Commercial:

  • You will be able to make informed decisions about your risk management and compliance obligations.
  • We will enable you to access evidence to demonstrate that you are fully compliant to all relevant stakeholders.
  • We will allow you to focus on your business knowing that you have a reliable cleaning service program in place allowing you to continue to protect and enhance your brand and reputation.

Lotus Commercial was formed in 2013 when Metropolitan Filter Service (NSW) and Rainbow Filter Services (VIC) merged. Over recent years the business has expanded further into Queensland via multiple acquisitions and in early 2023 opened in Perth.

Lotus Commercial is majority owned by Proserpine Capital Partners who saw an opportunity to bring a professional and corporatised operating model to the industry on a national level.

Lotus Commercial is committed to providing reliable, high quality services to all clients and to help minimise fire risk and enhance air quality in commercial kitchens.


Our Value Proposition

By partnering with Lotus Commercial you will:

  • Receive support with your risk management and compliance obligations.
  • Receive an evidence based preventive maintenance program; and,
  • Have peace of mind allowing you to focus on your business.

Our People


Lotus Commercial are proud of our people and the professional services we have provided to our customers for over 30 years. Our staff are carefully selected, with appropriate background checks carried out and then trained to ensure we deliver consistent quality services to our customers.

Lotus Commercial ensure risk is minimised and Australian safety standards are met through induction and ongoing training to our suite of standard operating procedures and safe work method statements.

Lotus Commercial is a HACCP accredited certified provider of food safe products and cleaning services, assisting our customers to meet all regulatory requirements. Lotus Commercial values hygiene and cleanliness and takes safety seriously.

Operating commercial kitchens carries a number of responsibilities. Dirty kitchen filters and exhaust systems can impact the appearance and safe operation of your kitchen and pose a fire risk to your business.

So, contact us today and let our experienced team come out to meet with you to develop a service program to meet your needs.

Service Sectors

Businesses in various industries need professional services when it comes to commercial kitchens. This is to assure compliance but also to avoid health and safety hazards by minimising risks of fires, mould and bacteria growth and unhealthy air. In fact, it’s beneficial for any business with a commercial kitchen to schedule regular maintenance and cleaning.

We provide excellent restaurant cleaning services, but we are proud to work for clients needing a commercial clean and maintenance for all kinds of businesses. We’re also always happy to assist new clients from other sectors with their commercial kitchen cleaning needs. Have a look at the wide variety of industries and segments we’ve been working for so far:

Clients we service

The clients we work with are known and respected in their industries. However, Lotus Commercial cleaning services are available to businesses of any size. As a part of our social responsibility program, we also provide in-kind services for charities helping those in difficult life circumstances.

Some of our clients have been with us for many years, not imagining working with any other cleaning company. The respect between us and businesses we service is mutual. The brands in our portfolio include:

Guzman Y Gomez


Social Responsibility


Lotus Commercial are proud to support and provide in-kind services to a number of very worthwhile charities including St Canice’s Charity Kitchen and Reverend Bill Crews’ Loaves and Fishes both of who provide meals for those in need.


“I am very grateful that you have chosen The Exodus Foundation as the recipient of your generosity. Your gift helps us make a real difference to so many disadvantaged people in our community. Without your generosity we simply couldn’t be here day after day providing support to those less fortunate than ourselves.”

Rev Bill Crews
The Exodus Foundation



“Lotus Commercial have provided Kitchen Services at St Canice’s Kitchen, free of charge, over the past twenty- five years. Our soup kitchen operates seven days a week serving many hundreds of meals to the homeless and destitute of Kings Cross; it goes without saying that our stove gets a lot of use!!”

Fr Chris Jenkins SJ PP


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