Any business owner knows that the cleanliness of their commercial kitchen is one of the top priorities. Tidiness is crucial to protect the health and safety of the personnel and customers.

A kitchen that leaves much to be desired can be a source of many issues for people involved. One of the biggest risks in a kitchen with an uncleaned exhaust system is the danger of a fire starting. On the other hand, avoiding the kitchen’s deep cleaning can result in mould and bacteria appearing. Both contaminants can become a health hazard.

The kitchen staff usually does daily clean-ups to keep the kitchen in check. Long-term superficial efforts are not enough as they result in hidden areas remaining dirty. As such dirt and pollutants are not visible, it is easy to overlook them in a busy kitchen.

Especially the cleaning of less obvious spaces that are high up in the kitchen can be forgotten for a long time. These areas are not only out of sight but also difficult to reach. Without special equipment the cleaning of such zones can be challenging and even dangerous.

This is why at Lotus Commercial we offer a special service designed for such unclean kitchen surfaces. Our kitchen high cleaning offer focuses on any places that are situated at the height of 2 metres and above.

Kitchen High Cleaning with Lotus Commercial

During 30 years of experience, our professionals at Lotus Commercial have been providing superior quality services to our satisfied clients. Our carefully selected and background-checked staff makes sure that customers are happy and their kitchens are clean and compliant.

By deciding to do the kitchen high cleaning with us you’re choosing a HACCP certified service provider. The products we use are food safe and we only use secure work methods. We will help you make sure that your commercial kitchen is compliant with the Australian standards.

Our high clean services can be ordered for any areas in your commercial kitchen that are 2 metres above ground. We use special equipment to perform these tasks. During the high clean we take care of the following:

  • Walls, tiles & painted areas
  • Air conditioning vents
  • External surfaces of air conditioning units, heaters, ceiling fans, speakers & sirens
  • Light frames, cables & chains hanging from the ceiling
  • Canopies, filters & dishwasher hoods
  • Top of the fridges & any shelving
  • Top of sliding freezers & cool room doors & other fixed door frames
  • Windowsills
  • Top of cupboards
  • Door frames and door closers
  • Visible items on the ceiling

As you can see, we take care of everything you could think of in terms of cleaning surfaces placed high up. If you’re based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Cairns and Townsville you can contact us for a free quote.

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Let us know what services you’re interested in. We can also discuss the cleaning schedule for your business. In that way you could know it’s always going to be taken care of on time.