Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Systems Supermarkets and Shopping Centers

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    Breathe Easy with Lotus Commercial

    Many supermarket and shopping center owners and managers do not consider the effects of exhaust filters, canopies and air conditioners that are not regularly cleaned. 

    At Lotus Commercial, we understand the need for a cleaning regime that will help your store maintain an extremely hygienic environment, keep your staff and shoppers safe from fire risks and enable your kitchen exhaust  system to work at its maximum performance. 

    Lotus Commercial provides premium kitchen exhaust, canopy and air conditioner cleaning of all hard to reach internal and external components. 

    We’re an HACCP certified partner in creating a safe and compliant business, and providing safe cleaning services. We therefore only use approved and high-quality cleaning equipment and solutions that are effective and efficient. 

    Our services are available throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Perth, Adelaide and Cairns.

    What we do:

    Kitchen filter exchange

    Canopy rangehood cleaning 

    Kitchen exhaust system cleaning

    Kitchen duct and exhaust fan cleaning

    Air conditioning duct cleaning


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