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Brisbane Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services offered by Lotus Commercial


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    Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services in Brisbane

    Businesses from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast including the Brisbane metropolitan area require sparkling clean commercial kitchens. Lotus Commercial assists restaurants, pubs, hospitals, aged care venues, hotels, schools, conference facilities, shopping centres, supermarkets, and other establishments to ensure your kitchen exhaust system continues to operate as designed.

    Lotus Commercial is HACCP accredited and the only Brisbane specialized cleaning company ISO registered. Our commitment to upholding high standards benefits our clients.

    We offer several essential commercial kitchen cleaning services across Brisbane and South East Queensland. Lotus Commercial has 30 years’ experience in kitchen exhaust cleaning and kitchen rangehood canopy cleaning. Our filter exchange program assists clients of every size. Contact us today about any (or all) of these important services.

    kitchen exhaust cleaning Brisbane

    Here’s what exhaust systems look like, before and after our services.

    Brisbane Commercial Kitchen Filter Exchange

    We offer comprehensive commercial kitchen exhaust filter exchange in Brisbane. Lotus Commercial exchange program ensures that your filters are properly and thoroughly cleaned in our specially designed equipment ensuring they are cleaned through the filter media.

    Lotus Commercial service personnel are trained to carry out the exchange safely and at a time that suits you. Clean filters are important to ensure your exhaust functions effectively so call Lotus Commercial today to discuss your needs.

    brisbane kitchen filter exchange

    Here’s what commercial kitchen filters look like, before and after our services

    Brisbane Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    The proper cleaning of your exhaust system by a reputable service provider like Lotus Commercial performs an important role in managing the risk of fire.

    Grease and oil from cooking enters kitchen hoods and the ducts all the way to the fan. Over time, the accumulation of grease deposits in these locations poses a safety hazard. By obtaining regular exhaust cleaning in Brisbane, commercial kitchens reduce this fire safety risk.

    Professional Kitchen Canopy Cleaning In Brisbane

    We offer services to help keep your canopy rangehood clean and free from excessive grease and oil from cooking. Most commercial kitchen owners and operators lack the specialized tools and supplies required to undertake this assignment effectively and safely.

    Proper cleaning is important to protect the quality of your food preparation, enhance the environment for your staff and customers and to manage the risk of fire.

    brisbane kitchen canopy cleaning

    Kitchen canopy cleaning before and after our services

    Commercial Kitchen Filter Sales

    Lotus Commercial maintains a reputation as a supplier of premier kitchen filters (including the commonly used honeycomb filters). These products meet high manufacturing standards and we carry these items in a range of sizes. So, if your filters need to be replaced call us today.

    Other Services

    In addition to cleaning your kitchen exhaust system we can also discuss with you a range of other services including: Air Conditioning duct cleaning and filter maintenance and sales; kitchen high clean and cool room cleans; cleaning of your laundry and toilet exhausts and cleaning of car park exhausts.

    Why Wait? Call Lotus Commercial Today!

    So, from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast and the entire Brisbane metropolitan area we have you covered. If you are ready to have your commercial kitchen canopy and exhaust system cleaned by our professionals, Lotus Commercial is ready to help.

    Lotus Commercial has been servicing commercial kitchens for over 30 years throughout Australia and will be pleased to assist you with your kitchen exhaust, canopy rangehood cleaning, kitchen filter exchange or a range of other specialist mechanical ventilation cleaning needs. Call us today.

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