Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning in the Food Manufacturing Industry

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    Breathe Easy with Lotus Commercial

    When it comes to food manufacturing, regular cleaning and maintenance of kitchen exhaust systems, filters, canopies and air conditioning systems are vital to health and safety.

    Food waste, oils, dust and unwanted contaminants such as mould and bacteria growth build up over time, which always ends up causing health and mechanical issues, fire risks and food contamination.

    Australian Food Standards therefore require that all operation and maintenance standards of kitchen systems are met. If not, your food manufacturing establishment will be at dire risk of closure, prosecution, fire or reputation damage.

    Our professional and qualified team at Lotus Commercial can mitigate these risks with our comprehensive kitchen exhaust cleaning services available across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Townsville and Cairns.

    As an HACCP certified partner in creating a safe and compliant business, we only use premium and environmentally-safe cleaning chemicals that provides efficient and effective results and complies with all OHS and Food Safety Standards.


    What we do:

    Kitchen filter exchange

    Canopy rangehood cleaning 

    Kitchen exhaust system cleaning

    Kitchen duct and exhaust fan cleaning


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