Our Kitchen Cleaning Services

Lotus Commercial provides routine, scheduled kitchen filter exchange, canopy rangehood cleaning and kitchen exhaust system cleaning ensuring your business avoids filter damage, expensive fan repairs, business interruption and is compliant.

Lotus Commercial will work with you to find a suitable kitchen filter exchange frequency for your business. Scheduled exchanges keep your business focused on day-to-day work without the hassle of worrying about dirty filters …and because it’s an exchange, your business is never interrupted!

Regular cleaning of the canopy rangehood, exhaust, and ducting is essential for the safe and effective operation of every commercial kitchen.

At Lotus Commercial we specialise in the professional cleaning and maintenance of filters, the canopy and exhaust systems.

Our expert team are experienced in the cleaning of a wide range of commercial kitchens, and can clean to the highest standards, your canopy rangehood, exhaust, ducts, fans, and filters. We’ll ensure your system is clean, effective, and most-importantly safe.

A fully-functional and maintained exhaust system removes from your business airborne nasties, while keeping the air inside fresh and clean. It also helps to minimise the chance of fire, and the risks associated with fire.

Contact Lotus Commercial today to discuss your kitchen filter exchange, canopy rangehood or kitchen exhaust system cleaning requirements.

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