Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

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Our Kitchen Cleaning Services

We’re a leading commercial kitchen cleaning company with countless satisfied customers in the hospitality and corporate business industry. We have over 30 years of combined experience.

We meet the highest requirements set up by HACCP, IKECA and Australian Standards. 

We are proud to have implemented to all of our kitchen services AIRHA Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Management Best Practice Guide. 

On top of that, we also comply with international standards of ANSI, BESA and NFPA

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We can help your Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide Brisbane, Gold Coast, Cairns or Townsville business by taking care of cleaning and maintenance. This will allow you to avoid damage and costly repairs, prevent expensive business interruptions and assure compliance with us. We provide routine and scheduled services to help you thrive. With Lotus Commercial you can:

  • Buy and replace kitchen filters
  • Clean canopy rangehoods, kitchen exhaust systems and ducts
  • Deep clean all surface areas
  • Clean kitchen surfaces situated above 2 metres high
  • Polish your cool rooms

We stock a range of kitchen filters for sale. We will help you find the right kitchen filter and an exchange frequency that works for your business. Scheduling exchanges allows you to focus on day-to-day work without worrying about filter issues. Exchanges require minimal business interruptions.

Cleaning of the canopy rangehood is another maintenance job you can use our services for. We’ll clean it inside and outside, making sure that even the hidden grease and fat is eliminated. Great looks are important but so is thorough cleaning performed by professionals like us.

You can also ask us to do the cleaning and maintenance of your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system. It’s important for the optimal performance of your kitchen and helps you avoid safety and health issues.

A compliant commercial kitchen can’t operate with ducts contaminated with dust, debris and other pollutants. Avoid putting your staff and customers at risk with Lotus Commercial’s prime duct cleaning services.
Your personnel can take care of basic cleaning and everyday requirements of your business. However, what about deep cleaning in your business’s kitchen? We’ll make sure that your door, shelves, appliances and anything else that needs a wipe is crystal clean after our visit.

What about surfaces that are difficult to reach because they’re high above ground? We can also assist you with your high cleaning needs.
Last but not least, we’ll make sure that the state of your cool room is up to scratch. It’s easy to forget this area but its cleanliness is as important as it is for other parts of your commercial kitchen.

Our expert team is experienced in cleaning to the highest standards. We’ll ensure your commercial kitchen is polished, effective, and most importantly safe. Sleep soundly knowing that your business is compliant and you’ve done everything necessary to prevent fire incidents.

Are you based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast or Townsville? Contact Lotus Commercial today to discuss your kitchen filter exchange, canopy rangehood, kitchen exhaust system cleaning requirements or any other of our professional services.

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