Regular cleaning of the canopy, exhaust, and ducting is essential for the safe and effective operation of every commercial kitchen.

A fully-functional and maintained exhaust system removes from your business airborne nasties, while keeping the air inside fresh and clean. It also helps to minimise the chance of fire, and the risks associated with fire.

At Lotus Commercial we specialise in the professional cleaning and maintenance of canopy and exhaust systems.

Our expert team are experienced in the cleaning of a wide range of commercial kitchens and can clean to the highest standards, your canopy, exhaust, ducts, fans, and filters. We’ll ensure your system is clean, effective, and most importantly safe.


Kitchen canopy cleaning

We clean your commercial kitchen’s canopy inside and out; removing the grime you can, and can’t see. Our experienced team use specialised equipment to remove all grease, fat, and oil build-ups, leaving your canopy clean and looking great.

Our service includes a scrap clean of your system, scrubbing of built-up areas with steel wool, washing of the flue and firewall.

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Kitchen exhaust cleaning

When it comes to your commercial kitchen’s exhaust system, it’s often what you can’t see that is dangerous. Fortunately, our experienced team is skilled at cleaning exhaust systems from top to bottom, including the nooks and crannies you can’t see.

Our professional team are well versed in Australian standards surrounding the cleaning of commercial kitchens and will carry out all cleaning and maintenance both properly and promptly, first time, every time.

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Kitchen duct cleaning

At Lotus Commercial we offer a comprehensive duct cleaning and maintenance service. We ensure that your ducts are clean, free of grime, and safe for use. So you can breathe easy, knowing that your ducts are properly maintained.

We provide a complete duct cleaning service which includes detail cleaning of all ducts and ducting systems. As well as scrub cleaning of exhaust fans, and cleaning out of ventilation systems.

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Recommended Cleaning Schedule

Exactly how often your kitchen’s canopy will require cleaning, will depend on your kitchen and the type of food preparation being conducted. Use the below details as a guide for how often you should have your canopy and exhaust systems cleaned.

Light use (2-6 hours/day) : every 12 months

Moderate use (6-12 hours/day) : every 6 months

Heavy use (12-16 hours/day): every 3 months

Every kitchen canopy is however still unique, and your canopy made need cleaning less or more often depending on a number of factors. For recommendations on individual systems, contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.