Your kitchen’s ducts, exhaust fans, and ventilation systems all work in tandem to keep the air inside of your business clean, clear, and safe.

When your ducts and ducting systems are working properly, dust, debris, and other particulates are all extracted from your business, leaving the air contaminant-free.

However, without regular maintenance and duct cleaning your ducts can quickly become dirty and filled with build-ups of grime, thereby contaminating the air which you, your staff, and your customers breath. Unmaintained ducts are also a major fire risk.


A comprehensive kitchen duct cleaning service

At Lotus Commercial we offer a complete duct cleaning service for your business’ ducting systems. We clean inside and out, ensuring we remove both the grime you can see and the dangerous build-ups which you can’t see.

Our service includes:

  • Detail cleaning of all ducts and ducting systems
  • Scrub cleaning of exhaust fans
  • A complete clean-out of your ventilation systems
  • Replacement of filters (as necessary)
  • Canopy cleaning (as necessary)
  • Our expert team use specialised equipment to rid ducts of dust, debris, dead insects and rodents, as well as build-ups of grease and other pollutants.

With Lotus Commercial you can rest assured knowing that your business’ ducts are being maintained by experienced and trusted professionals.

kitchen duct cleaning before and after by Lotus Commercial

The difference between a grease-clogged duct and one that has been cleaned by Lotus Commercial

The importance of cleaning exhaust fans

When having your duct and exhaust systems professionally cleaned, it is important to ensure that your chosen cleaning company pays particular attention to your exhaust fans.

Your exhaust fans are vital for removing grease and fumes from your commercial kitchen. They facilitate the flow of contaminated air from your business, and they ensure that dust and particulates are expelled from your building.

Unmaintained exhaust fans can quickly become clogged with grease and fat build-ups. Left for long enough, these build-ups can cause fans to overheat. Should fans become damaged, expensive repairs or even a complete replacement may be required.