Regular Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning keeps your ducts free of a range of contaminants, including dust, dirt, grime, insect carcasses, and more.

It also stops such contaminants becoming fuel in the case of fire.

air conditioning duct cleaning

A complete Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning includes cleaning of exhaust fans and other equipment associated with your air conditioning system. When were your business’ air conditioning ducts last cleaned?

Over time dust, lint, grime, the carcasses of insects, and more can all build-up in your air conditioning ducts, seriously affecting your ducts’ performance. These build-ups reduce your business’ air quality, they can cause hygiene issues, and left unmaintained for long enough, they can become a serious fire risk.

Lotus Commercial provides excellent commercial duct cleaning services. So, don’t risk the safety of your customers, your staff, and your business. Arrange the routine cleaning and maintenance of your business’ air conditioning ducts today.


We Make Air Conditioning Duct Maintenance Easy

Ensuring the safe operation of your air conditioning ducts shouldn’t be an inconvenience or difficult. And with Lotus Commercial it doesn’t have to be.
Our professional cleaning team can come to your business at a time that suits you and your schedule. They’ll carry out all work properly and promptly. And they’ll remove all waste and cleaning equipment on completion of the job.

Why Choose Lotus Commercial for Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning

Lotus Commercial specialise in the cleaning and maintenance of filters, exhaust, and duct systems. We have more than 30 years’ experience – over which time, we’ve built our reputation on the quality and reliability of our service. With Lotus Commercial you can breathe easy, knowing your cleaning is being carried out by a specialist and professional team.