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    Premier Kitchen Cleaning Services in Perth

    Across Perth and the whole Western Australia, commercial kitchens require thorough and regular cleaning to maintain their pristine condition. Lotus Commercial offers a range of essential kitchen cleaning services to help ensure that your kitchen exhaust system operates efficiently and safely.

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    Kitchen Cleaning Service

    With 30 years of experience and accreditation from HACCP and IKECA (International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association), you can trust our commitment to high standards.

    Commercial Kitchen Filter Exchange

    Keep your kitchen exhaust filters clean and functioning properly with our comprehensive commercial kitchen filter exchange program. Our skilled technicians use specially designed equipment to thoroughly clean and exchange your filters, ensuring that your exhaust system operates effectively. Contact us today to learn more about our filter exchange services.

    Sydney kitchen filter cleaning

    Here’s what commerical kitchen filters look like, before and after our services

    Kitchen Canopy Rangehood Cleaning

    Maintaining a clean kitchen canopy rangehood is important for the quality of your food preparation, the safety of your staff and customers, and reducing the risk of fire. Lotus Commercial offers skilled and comprehensive canopy cleaning services to remove grease, oil, food particles, and other debris from your canopy rangehood.

    Sydney kitchen canopy cleaning

    Kitchen canopy before and after cleaning by Lotus Commercial

    Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

    Regular cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system is essential for managing the risk of fire. Grease and oil from cooking can accumulate in your hoods and ducts, creating a potential hazard. Trust Lotus Commercial to thoroughly clean your exhaust system and reduce this risk.

    Commercial Kitchen Filter Sales

    In addition to cleaning services, Lotus Commercial is also a supplier of premier kitchen filters, including honeycomb filters. We carry a range of sizes and adhere to high manufacturing standards. Contact us today to purchase or replace your kitchen filters.

    kitchen filter sales and maintenance by Lotus Commercial Sydney

    Kitchen Filter Sales & Maintenance by Lotus Commercial

    Other Services

    Lotus Commercial also offers a range of other services, including air conditioning duct cleaning and filter maintenance, high clean and cool room cleaning, laundry and toilet exhaust cleaning, and car park exhaust cleaning. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning needs and how we can assist.

    Get in Touch For Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services in Perth

    At Lotus Commercial, we serve customers across Western Australia and adhere to the highest standards. Contact us today to request any of our services or products and let us help you keep your commercial kitchen sparkling clean.

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