Sanitisation & Disinfection (spray and wipe)

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Our Sanitisation & Disinfection services include:

  • All HARD surfaces.
  • Clean all walls, tiles & painted areas
  • Clean all HARD floors (tiled, concrete and painted)
  • Clean all air vents (external areas of air conditioning and toilet vents)
  • Clean all external surfaces of air conditioning units, heaters, ceiling fans, speakers & sirens
  • Clean all light frames, cables & chains hanging from the ceiling
  • Clean external areas of canopies – includes Kitchen and Dishwasher Canopies
  • Clean all external areas fridges and cool rooms (includes doors and frames)
  • Clean all areas of window (frames, handles)
  • Clean all areas of cupboards, benches (includes shelving)
  • Clean all door frames and door closers
  • Clean all ceiling area
  • Clean all HARD surface tables, benches and chairs
  • Confirmation of Sanitation/Disinfection in writing to customer

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