The new Australian Standard for fire detection, warning, control & intercom systems [SEMINAR]

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Published on 2016-06-10

Throughout July and August this year, the Fire Protection Association (FPA) Australia is presenting seminars in all major cities across the country on the significant and unprecedented changes to Australian Standard 1670.1-2015. Read on for full program details and how to register.



“The release of AS 1670.1-2015 marks the biggest mass change of electrical fire standards in over a decade. Major concept changes to occupant warning systems, distribution, wiring integrity requirements and interface issues with sprinkler systems have all been included in the new standards.”



The 2015 revision of the AS 1670.1:2015 is the first since 2004, not only addressing a number of shortcomings but also bringing the standard up to a contemporary level in terms of readability and application.


The FPA’s seminar gives those in the industry the opportunity to become informed as to the significant changes in compliance that the updated standard represents. As the new standard came into effect on May 1st 2016, it is crucial that anyone who interacts with fire detection systems as part of their job attends one of the seminars to increase their knowledge and understanding of what the changes mean for the industry.


Who should attend the FPA Seminar?

Seminars include:



    1. A comprehensive update on the revision of AS 1670.1; the first in a decade.


    1. An understanding of the major changes including the adoption of ISO based Australian Standards enabling full use of today’s technology.


    1. Information on how the Standard addresses product compliance and compatibility.


    1. Detail on the new smoke control harmonising requirements linked to the recently revised version of AS 1668.1.


    1. Information and awareness on:

      5 .1 The introduction of Alarm Delay Facility (ADF) to mitigate nuisance alarms in residential buildings

      5.2 Requirements for occupant warning including intelligibility and visual warning

      5.3 The requirements for fire rating of all network cables and optical fibres; and

      5.4 The requirement to record baseline data to facilitate system maintenance and servicing.



The full program, dates & locations and a registration form for the Seminar are available online.

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