We Don’t Only Work in Restaurants

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Published on 2022-01-20
Lotus Commercial Cleans in various industries

We Don’t Only Work in Restaurants

The industries we work with and why it’s important to clean them

Our focus as a primarily commercial kitchen cleaning company may give some people the impression that we solely operate in the restaurant industry. While restaurants, cafés, fast food joints and catering venues are a big part of our business, we can assist commercial kitchen owners in all kinds of industries.

What’s more, we provide certain services that are not limited to commercial kitchens. Our kitchen filter sales and exchange, air conditioning cleaning and sales as well as sanitisation services may find use in a variety of industries. We also boast expertise in laundry exhaust cleaning, car park exhaust cleaning and toilet exhaust cleaning.

Food Industry Operations

The food industry isn’t limited to restaurants and similar establishments. Hotels and food manufacturing businesses are included as part of it. Lotus Commercial is aware that minimal business disruptions are of utmost importance as a functional kitchen, common area with air conditioning or a cool room are simply a necessity.

Food industry is a very demanding clientele and for good reasons. Regulatory, safety and health concerns make the industry operators particularly careful when it comes to their chosen cleaning service providers. That’s why we take pride in returning customers, taken with our attention to detail.

Services to Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities

Another group of clients that Lotus Commercial has been servicing for years are medical and aged care facilities. However, hygiene and sanitary standards in these establishments have to be impeccable due to the vulnerability of patients and residents who use them. Fire hazards and other issues always have to be kept in mind.

Lotus Commercial can clean commercial kitchens in these facilities to avoid any risk of bacteria or mould growth. Bacteria should be avoided at all cost in any environment, but the stakes are even higher in the case of medical and assisted living establishments. Salmonella and listeria are among the bacteria that’s particularly dangerous to frail individuals. A regular cleaning schedule with a professional service provider is the only way of avoiding any risks.

Another issue of high importance in such places is the air quality. Air conditioning can be a great solution for temperature control. It helps the staff make sure that patients and residents are comfortable. At the same time, air conditioning systems that aren’t cleaned properly pose a particular risk to vulnerable individuals with respiratory conditions and allergies.

Education Sector Services

Many schools and educational establishments are equipped with their own kitchens and cafeterias. Due to the usually high numbers of people using them, the safety and hygiene of such places needs to be in check.

An equally important risk to consider is a fire threat. Dusty and oily canopy range hoods, dirty filters that don’t work properly and clogged ducts all contribute to the risk of a fire. These factors are easy to miss in a busy establishment, which is why agreeing on a cleaning schedule with Lotus Commercial is the way forward.

The Needs of the Entertainment Industry

Due to the number of clients they have to service, there’s little time in pubs, clubs and other entertainment venues to pay attention to anything that’s not happening in a given moment. And yet, a polished commercial kitchen or a cleaned air conditioning system are a crucial element of health and safety of the establishment. By hiring Lotus Commercial, your assets will be professionally cleaned, your venue compliant, and you won’t eve have to think about it.

Assistance to the Mining Industry

The mining industry has been among our clients for a long time. We have been assisting operators directly by cleaning exhaust extraction systems, as well as indirectly by helping catering operators working for the mining sector. We can support your business wherever you are, and that includes anywhere in Queensland and the Northern Territory. You can review our current mining partners by clicking on the link. We hope you’ll join the list soon.

Work for Offices and Commercial Kitchens

Whether we like it or not, we spend most of our time during the week at work. For those working in the office, it’s essential to work in a hygienic working environment. Lotus Commercial can take care of services such as air conditioning cleaning and replacement (including filter sales), car park exhaust cleaning, toilet exhaust cleaning and sanitisation with disinfection.

For big offices with their own staff kitchens, we provide a whole range of kitchen cleaning services. You can ask us to do a deep clean, a high clean and other system cleaning. If you care about your staff’s health and safety, a regular professional service is a must.

Professional Cleaning for Supermarkets and Shopping Centres

Supermarkets and shopping centres are other examples of venues that have been benefiting from our expertise. Lotus Commercial has been cleaning these structures nationwide, making sure that their customers breathe with ease. If you’re unhappy with the current service provider or have never had your premises professionally cleaned, it’s high time you contact Lotus Commercial.

Work with Lotus Commercial

Lotus Commercial is the right choice for your commercial cleaning needs as well as other sanitisation services. With over 30 years of experience, we really know what we’re doing and we do it right. After we provide your establishment with a service, we always certify the job done. This is so that you have proof for insurers and health or safety inspections.

We’re a reputable and fully insured service provider, affiliated with a number of associations:

    • The Hospitality Suppliers Association
    • The International Kitchen Exhaust Association
    • HACCP Australia
    • Fire Protection Association Australia (Gold member)
    • The Australian Institute of Hotel Engineering

To get a quote, ask us a question or book our services, call us, email us or use our online form. You can also pop into our office in Townsville, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. We look forward to hearing from you.

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