Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service – What Does It Entail and Why Is It Important?

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Published on 2021-11-11
Commercial kitchen cleaning service

Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen? What Does It Entail and Why Is It Important?

Keeping a commercial kitchen clean is an everyday job and no kitchen supervisor will leave it without making sure that there’s no sign of it being used on a given day. However, this isn’t all a kitchen needs to remain hygienic.

When you decide to clean your commercial kitchen properly, it’s very important to book a professional service for deep cleaning. You should also remember to choose a company that’s not only trained but also experienced in industry work, such as Lotus Commercial.

What Does Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Entail?

One of the differences between commercial kitchen cleaning done by experts like Lotus Commercial and untrained individuals is the awareness of what needs to be cleaned. It’s very easy to overlook hidden and unobvious parts of the kitchen, thinking that everything is in order. However, built-ups of grease, oil, contaminants or even bacteria and mould can be making the kitchen dangerous on surfaces invisible to the naked eye.

When hiring professional services, you can count on cleaning of the following:

  • All exterior surfaces of food storage equipment such as freezers and fridges
  • Exterior surfaces of cooking appliances, including ovens, fryers and microwaves
  • Exterior surfaces of cleaning and safety apparatus – canopies, dishwashers and more
  • Benches and shelves
  • Doors (including door frames and hinges) and window frames
  • Legs and wheels
  • Surfaces not easily reachable, such as these placed up to the height of 2 metres
  • Skirting boards
  • Floor area
  • Underneath surfaces of anything that can be found in the kitchen

As you can see, commercial kitchen cleaning means a thorough clean that leaves your kitchen spotless and in a great sanitary condition. There are also other reasons why budgeting for professional kitchen cleaning is a must for any responsible commercial kitchen owner or manager.

Why Is Using Commercial Cleaning Services Important?

Being in the food business means remembering that there are many health and safety regulations. This is because someone who runs a commercial kitchen is responsible for more than the safety of their own staff. Apart from taking care of their employees, they need to keep in mind the concerns about people who eat the food prepared there.

That’s why the Australian Standards clearly define the responsibilities of commercial kitchens. That includes a regulatory framework about keeping the kitchen clean and tidy.
Commercial cleaning specialists at Lotus Commercial know well what things to consider so that your kitchen meets all the regulatory requirements. As professionals, we remain up-to-date with any changes that need to be taken into account during the process. The staff is always trained whenever changes in a procedure are required.

What’s more, with legal liabilities, it’s always good to take into account insurance. It’s easy to get lost when dealing with legal jargon. Accredited commercial cleaning services are not only versed in their duties but also insured. Lotus Commercial always gives you proof of the cleaning done so that you can provide it if needed.

Avoiding Reputational Risk

Legal risk and liabilities have to be taken seriously. It’s also true for the safety of customers and staff. However, a commercial kitchen’s reputation is also extremely important. Cleaning done by someone who’s unsure of what they’re doing brings in many risks, as a customer could end up getting sick or having a different negative experience. Word spreads quickly.

A kitchen not cleaned thoroughly is a perfect place for the growth of mould and bacteria. The latter includes bacteria that can cause serious health issues: E Coli, Salmonella and Listeria. As a commercial kitchen owner or manager, you pay a lot of attention to the menu and the way your employees work. All this effort can be wasted without adequate care with cleaning. Don’t risk your business’s hard-earned reputation and hire commercial cleaning services.

Kitchen Cleaning and Environmental Concerns

An example of things to consider is the use of adequate cleaning solutions. They should be first and foremost food safe and approved for kitchen use. However, when it comes to cleaning certain elements of the kitchen, untrained individuals may feel tempted to use some substances that aren’t environmentally friendly.

Modern commercial kitchen cleaning by professionals always has the environment in mind, trying to provide the greenest solutions possible. Certain substances may well be suited for use in the kitchen, but need to be handled with caution for the safety of the cleaners, staff and customers. By choosing real specialists, you’re also helping the planet.

Why Choose Lotus Commercial

Choosing Lotus Commercial’s commercial cleaning services means choosing service providers with extensive industry experience. We have completed countless projects for clients from various industries, who repetitively hire us for scheduled kitchen maintenance.

You can sleep soundly when you work with us because we always meet the requirements set by the Australian Standards, HACCP, and IKECA. What’s more, we respect the international standard of ANSI, BESA and NFPA. We’re fully insured and compliant.

Busy kitchens need various services related to kitchen cleaning and we can help with most of them:

  • When your canopy range hood or exhaust system needs cleaning, we can take care of it
  • A kitchen filter failing to do its job? No problem! We can replace the filter as this can be done directly with us. We can also advise on the best type of equipment to meet the needs of your kitchen
  • If you need specialised cleanings, such as high cleaning or cool room cleaning, we’re also happy to assist

No matter what industry your commercial kitchen operates in, Lotus Commercial is here for you. If you’re based in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns or Townsville we’re all ears.

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