Why Use Professional Kitchen Catering Equipment Cleaning

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Published on 2022-01-20
Lotus Commercial Can Help with Professional Kitchen Catering Cleaning

Lotus Commercial Can Help with Professional Kitchen Catering Cleaning

The catering industry is an extremely busy sector. While certain companies may experience occasional downtime, during high season, operators only attend to what’s absolutely necessary. This is understandable as long as every day cleaning needs of a catering kitchen are met.

At the same time, regulations require more from service providers in the food industry. Every day wipe or weekly cleaning by staff simply isn’t enough. For needs such as high cleaning, cool room cleaning, canopy or air conditioning cleaning, you should invest in professional services with Lotus Commercial.

Food Safety

Let’s assume for a second that professional cleaning would have nothing to do with regulations. Would you still need it, if it wasn’t required for compliance? Absolutely! That’s because expert cleaning services are extremely focused on food safety. Your staff may know the ingredients well and know how to prepare delicious dishes, but they’re not specialists in terms of bacteria and mould growth prevention.

Lotus Commercial is such an expert and we also understand the risks of such growth. Salmonella, listeria and campylobacter are just some examples of the dangerous bacteria that you don’t want in your kitchen. Between our high cleaning and deep cleaning services, we take care of a whole range of your kitchen catering equipment and surrounding elements for ultimate hygiene:

  • Benches and shelves
  • Doors (including cool room doors), door frames, hinges, closers and window frames
  • Exterior surfaces of equipment such as fridges, freezers, ovens, fryers, microwaves, dishwasher as well as canopies
  • Legs and/or wheels of appliances
  • Skirting boards
  • Floor areas, the underneath and the surface of cupboards, and appliances
  • Walls, paint and tiles
  • Air conditioning systems’ vents
  • Light frames, cables, chains and other visible ceiling elements
  • External surfaces (air conditioning units, ceiling fans, heaters, sirens, speakers, and similar)
  • Filters and hoods of dishwashers
  • Fridges’ tops
  • Top of sliding freezers
  • Windowsills

We also keep in mind that food-safe operations don’t end in the kitchen. The conditions in which the food is stored is equally important. Your staff makes sure that the products in the cool room are fresh. They also monitor the expiry dates and the state of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables. This, along with keeping certain food items apart, is just the bare minimum.

To make sure that no long-term issue is brewing, you should hire Lotus Commercial for cool room cleaning services. Our procedure is more comprehensive than everyday wiping, to get rid of problems today and in the future. To prevent unwanted mould growth, we also use a HACCP certified mould inhibiting technology.

Smoke and Fire Safety

Anyone working in a commercial kitchen within the catering industry, knows that fires are among the biggest threats to its successful operations. While a small one can usually be easily contained by the kitchen staff, raging flames are a risk to the employees and the catering establishment itself.

Fire damage incurred can result in massive financial loss and operational issues. Insurers don’t pay out immediately, and a kitchen can’t be used right away after the fire. The repairs may be costly and lengthy. What’s more, an insurer may even reject a claim if a commercial kitchen wasn’t compliant with the regulations.

How to avoid all these risks? By hiring professionals like Lotus Commercial to professionally clean your kitchen catering equipment. We’re a fully insured operator, up-to-date with the newest regulatory requirements. This means that we’ll explain to you how often cleaning should be done.

As a fire is best avoided altogether, if your kitchen has higher requirements and could use our services more often, we’d definitely let you know. What you’re mostly trying to avoid here are clogged ducts and dirty filters that don’t work well. Too much oil and grease hinders the way they function, which is why it’s important to keep it in check.

If your filters don’t work properly and cleaning isn’t enough, we’d also recommend purchasing a replacement. As we sell kitchen filters ourselves, there’d be no need to look for them elsewhere.

High Air Quality for Your Staff

Your staff works hard to meet the requirements of your clients. Sometimes during busy periods there’s no time to take a breather before one catering order and the next one. This is why it’s essential that the air in the area they work with is as fresh as possible. Yet again, Lotus Commercial’s services can help with this aspect of the kitchen catering equipment too.

To have the air of your catering venue free from pollutants, they need to be extracted properly. In commercial kitchens this is done by a mixture of kitchen’s ducts, ventilation systems and exhaust fans. Lotus Commercial will clean these structures for you so that they work properly and are free of grime and dirt.

Do you have an air conditioning system on your premises? You can count on us for AC filter replacement as we sell this equipment. We could recommend the best ones for your particular circumstances. You can read about the basic types of filters that we sell, before you make the decision.

What’s more, we can clean the air conditioning system and the ducts so that the accumulated pollutants are removed. Remember that the maintenance of filters, ducts and the whole system is the only way to make sure it works as it should. The risks associated with neglect include respiratory issues for your staff.

Lotus Commercial Services for the Catering Industry

Lotus Commercial has over three decades of experience in servicing clients in various industries, including the catering industry. The food industry at large is very particular about the service provider they choose. We’re proud to see our clients come back to us. We know we’re being appreciated for our reliability and attention to detail.

We service clients nationally, with our offices being based in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville and Cairns. Contact us to give your kitchen catering equipment the cleaning quality it deserves. Let us work for you and help you breathe better!

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