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Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning & AC Duct Cleaning

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    Regular maintenance keeps your commercial air conditioning system performing its best.

    It lowers the chance of fire and the risks associated with fire, while improving the air quality within your business. It can even, in some cases, help to reduce your energy bill.

    Lotus Filters’ expert team has over 30 years experience in the maintenance of exhaust systems and the exchange of filters. We’re a trusted Australian company servicing a variety of small, medium, and large businesses, across a range of industries.


    Air conditioning duct cleaning

    Regular air conditioning duct cleaning keeps your ducts free of a range of contaminants. Including dust, dirt, grime, insect carcasses, and more. It also stops such contaminants becoming fuel in the case of fire.

    A complete duct clean includes cleaning of exhaust fans and other equipment associated with your air conditioning system.

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    Air conditioning filter maintenance & sales

    Maintenance of your air conditioning filters carried out by a cleaning professional such as Lotus Filters prolongs your filters’ service-life. It also ensures that your filters are always functioning properly and that they are free of harmful contaminants.

    Should your filters require replacing, we also can supply you with a wide range of quality replacement filters.

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    Why choose Lotus Filters

    At Lotus Filters we have more than 30 years experience in the sale, maintenance, and cleaning of filters, ducts, and exhaust systems. And during that time we have built a reputation for quality service and reliable products.

    We provide a written certificate with cleaning services provided, which you can present if necessary for routine inspection and insurance purposes. With Lotus Filters, you really can breathe easy!

    Clients we service

    The clients we work with are known and respected in their industries. However, Lotus Commercial cleaning services are available to businesses of any size. As a part of our social responsibility program, we also provide in-kind services for charities helping those in difficult life circumstances.

    Some of our clients have been with us for many years, not imagining working with any other cleaning company. The respect between us and businesses we service is mutual. The brands in our portfolio include:

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