How to Clean Your Range Hood Filters in Commercial and Domestic Kitchens

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Published on 2021-10-28
Range Hood Filters for your commercial kitchen

Is it really that important to clean your range hood filters?

You may think that you have experience in cleaning kitchens, as like anyone else you own one. Domestic kitchen cleaning, including filter maintenance, is different as such kitchens are used less. Consequently, the built up of grease and other contaminants is much more manageable. Commercial kitchen owners, on the other hand, should bet on trusted range hood cleaning specialists such as Lotus Commercial. This is to ensure compliance with the Australian Standards.

How to Clean Range Hood Filters at Home

When you want to do your range hood filter cleaning at home, you should be prepared to spend around an hour on the whole process. The simplest way to clean these filters is to do the following:

  1. Detach grease filters from the range
  2. Put the filter to a sink, bathtub or bowl
  3. Immerse the filter in a pre-prepared cleaning solution
  4. Use a brush to remove the grease
  5. Wait until it’s fully dry and re-attach, where it belongs

This process should be repeated as often as needed, depending on your kitchen usage. If you’re unsure how to do it and you’re nervous, you can always, so to speak, throw money at the problem and hire a specialist!

How to Clean Range Hood Filters in a Commercial Kitchen

If cleaning rangehood filters at home can be done in five easy steps, surely this can be repeated in a commercial kitchen, right? Unfortunately not! The stakes are just much higher in a restaurant kitchen, where hood filters get extremely greasy.

Inadequate cleaning of equipment is a significant reputational risk. After all, customers won’t come to your restaurant if there are any doubts about its cleanliness. What’s more, a commercial kitchen has different legal obligations than a domestic one.

In brief, there’s only one way forward in cleaning range hood filters in commercial kitchens. Hire commercial cleaning specialists, who’ll mitigate the risks for you.

Which Range Hood Filters Need Cleaning?

If you own or manage a commercial kitchen such as one you can find in a restaurant, you probably have one of two kinds of filters in your kitchen. Regardless of which type you own, they need scheduled maintenance to keep them clean.

Honeycomb Filters

Honeycomb filters are the most popular type of filters that can be found in the Australian commercial kitchens today. Chances are that these range hood filters are in your kitchen. The name honeycomb has to do with their structure. They’re designed in such a way to be both efficient and easy to clean.

Honeycomb rangehood filters need care and maintenance to operate as designed. Inexperienced individuals are advised against cleaning them, as they can be damaged or bent during the process. For instance, it’s not recommended to use high-pressure cleaners or abrasive cleaning agents when working with them. Getting to know your honeycomb filters is the first step to avoiding issues.

Baffle Filters

Baffle range hood filters are certainly not as popular as honeycomb filters. Still, they’re an option chosen in some commercial kitchens in Australia. The focus of their design is to prevent flames from moving forward. The metals used will differ depending on the environment where they’re supposed to be installed.

To benefit from your baffle filter, you should remember about regular cleaning services performed by a professional company. In that manner, you can rest assured that washing won’t be superficial and the filters will keep your kitchen safe. Read more about baffle filters to understand their functioning better.

Why Is Range Hood Filter Cleaning Important?

Whether you own a kitchen at home like everyone else or run a commercial kitchen, you need to be aware of how to clean rangehood filters. In terms of commercial kitchens there are many good reasons to hire professional cleaning services regularly:

  • Health

The health of people working in the kitchen as well as of the customers is of utmost importance to any commercial kitchen owner. The quality of air in an establishment decreases significantly if the filters are clogged.

  • Safety

It’s not safe for people to spend a long time in badly ventilated areas, especially if filters are blocked with grease and oil.

  • Grease fire hazard

Another safety risk is really serious and it has to do with fire risks. The Australian standards not only specify that you need a kitchen hood but also how often it needs to be cleaned for ultimate fire prevention.

  • Certification

Hiring commercial cleaners means that you’ll have proof of cleaning efforts and your regulation compliance. If worse comes to worst, you’ll need that for insurance purposes. Make sure that the cleaning company you work with issues certificates and meets national standards.

Lotus Commercial Range Hood Filters Cleaning

Are you looking for a commercial kitchen cleaning company that you can trust? Lotus Commercial is the right choice! We’ve been repetitively selected by our clients from various industries to keep their kitchens clean, safe and compliant!

We can provide you with proof of a cleaning job being completed. Our range hood filter cleaning services are available in the following areas:

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Cairns
  • Townsville
  • Brisbane

Have you neglected filter maintenance, and it’s simply too late for a cleaning service? Don’t worry – we can also assist you with exchange and sales as you can buy your filters directly from us.

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