Getting to Know Your Honeycomb Filters

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Published on 2015-11-14

If you’re operating a commercial kitchen, chances are your exhaust system is using honeycomb filters. That’s because honeycomb filters are the most popular filters being used in Australian commercial kitchens today.

Because of this, every day thousands of Aussie businesses rely on honeycomb filters as an integral part of their kitchen’s exhaust system.

How Honeycomb Filters Are Constructed

Your traditional honeycomb filter is constructed from aluminum, and features a ‘filter media’, which is 50mm in depth.

A foil strip is incorporated into a series of double compound curves, which folded back on themselves form a non-nesting system of smooth-walled honeycombs. It’s from these honeycombs that the filter takes its name.

The filter’s frame is made from aluminium, and is designed with handles for easy removal and cleaning. It is also made to fit neatly into a number of holding frames contained within your kitchen’s canopy.


How Honeycomb Filters Work

The filter’s honeycomb construction divides air as it is sucked through the filters, and into your kitchen’s exhaust system. In fact, often as the air passes through the honeycomb filter, it is split into more than 32,000 separate airstreams (per m2 of filter surface area).

This process of splitting the air into separate airstreams causes the grease-laden air coming from your commercial kitchen’s cooktop to change directions. The inertia of the grease causes it to condense and stick to the aluminium filter media. Thereby stopping the grease from entering your exhaust system.


Caring For Your Honeycomb Filters

Honeycomb filter cleaning and maintenance requires a degree of care. If not cleaned properly the filter media can easily become damaged or bent out of shape. Using high pressure cleaners or abrasive cleaning agents is extremely advised against.

The best way of caring for your honeycomb filters is by employing a professional filter cleaning company. Professional filter cleaners (such as our team here at Lotus Commercial), are experienced in cleaning, maintenance as well as selling honeycomb filters.

We use the latest equipment and specialised cleaning products to ensure that filters are cleaned properly. With professional and regular cleaning, you’ll get the best performance and longest service life out of your honeycomb filters.

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