Why Should You Sanitise and Disinfect Your Commercial Kitchen?

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Published on 2022-09-30

sanitising and disinfecting commercial kitchen

In 2020 the manufacturers of Dettol and Lysol recorded their highest ever sales rates, but eliminating foodborne illnesses in a kitchen requires expert attention.

Because consumers rely on clean surfaces and environments when they visit a restaurant or other food establishments, therefore you must disinfect commercial kitchen spaces if your business serves food.

Depending on the type of kitchen equipment, you might need to use kitchen sanitisation services to get the job done correctly.

Why Is Sanitising and Disinfecting Important?

Understanding the difference between commercial kitchen cleaning and sanitising your space is crucial if you want to ensure your establishment meets all the necessary guidelines.

Cleaning is something we all do daily. You reach for your towel and wipe away the crumbs on the surface. This physical act of removing dirt or debris is referred to as cleaning.

However, sanitising and disinfecting are slightly different. When sanitising a space, it targets problematic areas with bacteria build-up and other microorganisms. Kitchen cleaning is not enough if you run a food business.

Sanitising and disinfecting are essential to keep areas free of dirt and bacteria for preparing food.

How To Disinfect and Sanitise Kitchens Correctly

Before you can begin to disinfect commercial kitchen areas, you need to wash the surfaces.

In a kitchen, this means washing off pieces of food or dirt on kitchen utensils like plates and cutlery. However, this is only the pre-stage to disinfecting the equipment.

Besides the physical items in the kitchen facility, you must also ensure that employees have washed and sanitised their hands. Otherwise, you could risk bacteria being dragged over all the surfaces.

Cleaning and sanitising your commercial kitchen should include:

Pre-clean and wash
Sanitise and Disinfect
Rinse again

The main areas of a commercial kitchen that need to be cleaned and sanitised are all pieces of cookware, cutlery, preparation areas and countertops, walls, floors, ceilings, cupboards, doors, and of course your exhaust vents, air vents, and range hood and dishwasher canopies.

But, if you hire a commercial kitchen cleaning company, you won’t need to worry about keeping up with all the different spaces. They’ll do that for you!

Benefits of Disinfecting and Sanitising Commercial Kitchens

One of the main benefits of disinfecting and sanitising professional kitchens is that it improves the general working conditions for employees. No one enjoys working in a dirty space, especially when they’re making food.

Clean Work Spaces

When you’re running a food business, you don’t want to spend your days worrying about the cleaning schedule, so it’s a good idea to hire professionals to take care of it.

That way, when you show up to work, everyone will be in a productive mood, and the space will look shiny and clean.

If the kitchen is clean and sanitised correctly, you can put your time and energy into building your business and getting more customers.

Better Hygiene in the Kitchen

A food establishment needs to have high hygiene standards if they want to thrive and maintain an excellent public image. Plus, you don’t want the risk of health authorities shutting down your kitchen due to cross-contamination.

You can’t clear all bacteria and dirt with just one cloth wipe. A deep clean is often needed to ensure all the harmful bacteria are removed from your kitchen and the food is safe to service customers.

Both cleaning and sanitising are the only way to prevent an outbreak of foodborne illnesses such as Salmonella, E.coli, and Norovirus. Not only is this important for your customers, but it’s crucial for the staff.

If you have a sudden outbreak of sickness in your kitchen, you’ll need to cut down working hours, ultimately leading to a profit loss. So, schedule a deep clean for extra protection.

To Pass Health Inspections

Part of running a commercial kitchen is adhering to regular health inspections and strict legislation that states you must pass cleanliness and sanitisation standards.

If not, your facility will be flagged as not safe for food consumption.

To avoid fines and other issues with authorities, you must keep a disinfected and sanitised kitchen.

As long as you keep a high standard of hygiene and pass specific protocols, there will be nothing to worry about for your business.

Reduce Risk of Pests

Another vital reason for disinfecting and sanitising is that it reduces the risk of pests entering and contaminating your kitchen. A deep clean that involves both methods will ensure all corners and spaces are clear.

Therefore, pests won’t want to visit your kitchen and infect the area. Ideally, you should also do a daily sweep for crumbs and other food particles for added protection against pests.

But, a sanitisation schedule is also essential for removing other dirt that will attract pests.

Protection for Kitchen Equipment

Even though it’s straightforward to look after basic surfaces and utensils, larger machines like dishwashers and ovens are a significant investment. So, you want to look after them as best as you can.

If you allow dirt and grease to build up for too long, it could lead to damage to the structure of the appliance. You can save money by disinfecting and sanitising routines on these more giant machines.

To make sanitising and disinfecting easier, you can hire a team of professionals who know what products and tools to use to give your kitchen a clean makeover.

Disinfect Commercial Kitchen Spaces the Right Way

At Lotus Commercial, we can disinfect commercial kitchen spaces with our thorough and professional services that target all areas in a kitchen. You won’t need to worry about foodborne diseases after using our services.

Plus, we offer all our customers confirmation of sanitisation and disinfection in writing. So, you can have evidence for authorities that your establishment has been deep cleaned to high standards.

Looking to book a professional cleaning service with us? Then, get in contact, and the customer service team can guide you through the booking process.

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